I couldn’t sleep that night, partly I’m sure because of the too many polite coffees during the day that led to the night. It had something to do with the fact I didn’t need that much sleep I answered myself when I asked, with some unknown authority. It’s hard to know where the wisdom comes from sometimes but it’s there and you have to trust it or it will disappear like mist on a warm day. Even the normal functioning of the day took on a sort of dreamy context. In the third world reality of shopping and getting things done I was totally discombobulated. As an example, I told myself I would laugh at this later and I did and do, but I went down to the shop to buy an item and when I got home all I had was a broken bag where the item once was. Most importantly I told myself that things are always working to my advantage and while my third world emotions were trying to rage against the inefficiencies of my day (yes so trivial but that’s the uncontrolled emotions if you allow them their tantrums) I stayed on course. I did this through the disciplines of consciously built habits. Here is the lifting of the hood so to speak where while you have skin surrounding your bones (that’s a good check) your deeper I is contending with a body with desires and built in habits. Sometimes you won’t have that body, remember before you were born? A body will do its “thang” be that, “good” or “bad”, if you allow it uncontrolled power in your life, a car driving the passenger if you will. In my dreamy state (which I took time to notice and describe to myself) I was subconsciously writing about the allowance of losing things for my next book, Guess What? It’s You. This has been a theme for me at the moment. I have done this before, in fact the losing really major things in my life and now I think about it, there is this, I was going to say natural but it’s actually not, it  is an unnatural disinterest in the things I once described as a major loss. I laugh about the silly things I “lose” now in comparison to the things I just don’t care about now. There is a definite energy I am noticing about losing things. I know for sure that this is an amazing transformation going on in my life, some sort of shaking off of lack, it feels like my higher Me is leaving the kitchen sink behind while packing for my trip to a nice mountain called Everest. It doesn’t explain what it’s doing because it seems so silly to do so. My higher Me doesn’t treat me like an idiot. “Hey Antony just as an FYI, I’m not taking the sink on the trip to Everest this week”. “Oh, thank you, good to know, well I might just keep it clean so when I walk out I can leave it for some time”. In this skin thingy with bones and sinews and such, it gets in the habit of the what is and makes all sorts of ridiculous claims like, you forgot the kitchen sink, you forgot the kitchen sink. My body/emotion me is sourcing a lack mentality from my physical life under the embedded beliefs my parents lovingly embodied in me mostly unknowingly to allow my passage and survival into this body. It seems my body/emotions needs constant reminding I don’t have a lack of things, ever, that I have a completely fulfilled life with abundance of everything. I don’t believe what my mum and dad taught me about lack, I thought about it long and hard and it’s just stupid, sorry mum and dad, I love you both deeply always and forever. To your defence, I’m sure you never thought about it long enough to expose the lie. It’s hard without the tools and mentoring. I wish you could read my books. I reckon it would be like when Harry Potter and Hermione use the Time Machine to go back in time to rewrite and save BuckBeak and in doing so their lives as well. The body/emotion thingy should not need reminding as this tantrum play is carried out with the magnificent beach in the corner of my eye which I am constantly, naturally and subconsciously in awe of and am deeply and genuinely so thankful for. It’s easy to live in this natural state when in fact I was on Everest when my I told me I was about to live on the beach and my truth lies in that place. Yes on the bigger structural things my I communicates clearly. It knows I need that guidance or I will run around like a chook pecking at this seed and that, thinking it is so interesting and vital my whole life. I’m certain there is a less resistant connection to the spirit in the incredibly thin air of the high mountains. I’m sure it has to do with the fact that these places are not the everyday place of the body people and it is so hard to carry and vibrate the nonsense those people go on with (that’s us in our lower state in case you don’t recognise them) it’s so hard for a car driving it’s passenger in the driver seat to get up there actually. Well I must finish this story. My dear connected friend (we both knew immediately that we were connected and couldn’t believe the airiness of the spiritual connection) called me at 6.02 pm for our weekly check in and advancement program. He is a vital part of my MasterMind and as energetic as the person who he is, always working through the night, he said I’m so excited to be doing this functionality tonight. Uh, the functionality thing oohhhh that takes for every even when my brain is fresh, shut up Antony body/emotion shell thingy, we’re doing higher things, just do what your told by us and we will help you when you need us. Yes it’s true I do talk to myself but in this context it is not as the joke suggests that I do it for sensible conversation, I mostly do it because I don’t often get sensible conversation and have to parent this me. I prefer the higher Me, much more interesting and exciting and don’t worry, you definitely should play favourites. So to the point, the dream that I created (chapter 1, Living  Future Me) is so ensconced in my life that while my body/emotion car shell is driving in the opposite direction (resistance) my higher self who I have consciously nominated as the leader, the King, the truth, runs it’s own agenda and the body shell, the old master, has to learn to shut the hell up and be told clearly in words it understands, the life you lead tomorrow is in your mind now and don’t give me this usual third world nonsense that what’s real tomorrow is what you see today. It’s only real for the many because the two are the same. Ah ah not me, not us my beloved readers and thank you for your support be that a long time or be that a drop in and share a moment. 

I was living a dream in those hours with my brain (“fortunately”, “luckily” ah ah this was done on purpose) prepared by my higher Me using the lack of sleep and a low brain hertz dreamy state. My dear friend was on a charge, he was connecting with the powerful vibrations of the life that is mine and he was building it for me, for us. Amen