Connecting is part of the Living Future Me program by Dr. Antony Young.

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Connecting is part of the Living Future Me program by Dr. Antony Young.

Connecting is a process to get to know yourself because how else can you know how to be happy?

This program is couched in ancient wisdom and helps to become intuitive about your life.

In Connecting we discover how to tune into your inner truth and hence self.

We learn how to wrangle the wisdom that your intuition is trying to impart.

We learn how to fish for the meaning of your hidden feelings.

We learn how to harness the power of thankfulness.

We learn how to undertake and anchoring session.

We learn how to manifest through appreciation.

We learn how to communicate in different dimensions.

We learn how to leave your thinking patterns and anchors behind.

We learn how to enter the quantum world.

We learn how to meditate.

We learn how to alter your subconscious thinking.

We learn about quantum magic.

We learn how to your brain operates at different hertz.

We learn how to use deep sleep slow hertz brain reprograming.

We learn about the goal of perfection.

We learn about knowing, intuition, a second sight, a guide.

We learn how being rooted in yourself draws someone that is deeply rooted in their self.

We learn how to be an expert at being yourself.

We learn how to work in your sleep.

We learn about the law of vibration.

We learn about dimensions with degrees.

We learn how to choose carefully the people who you seed into your life’s garden.

Connecting to your truth, your self, is imperative for fulfilled living, this course will help you release this for you.