So powerful is the mind that your life not only will appear in accord to your persistent thinking but it already has. It is accepted that people in general only use 10% of their brain’s capacity but it also should be understood that our creation ability is not limited by the mind. Your life is the perfect construct that you wanted despite people complaining about that which they see in their life not understanding that it is their own perfect illusion. Life does not cease but continues and you can create a whole new illusion for yourself. In John Williamson’s song, Valley of his Dreams, he illustrates the power of life creation and issues the warning not to leave it too long. He writes the “Old boy doesn’t close his eyes to imagine anymore, he is home at last. What he’s been wishin’ for, he is so peaceful, so happy, he could scream, livin’ in the valley, the valley of his dreams. Why does it take so long, to put your feet on the ground? The old boy is thinkin’, he took the long way around. But it’s been his dream time. It’s where he’s always been. He later continues “I don’t believe there’s anything else. It doesn’t get better than this. I’m in Heaven and I am sad, on every day that I miss. No, I don’t believe that there is more, I won’t be knocking on Saint Peter’s door. The gate is open to see what I can see. People, take John Williamson’s advice and get on with it, live your dream starting right now and celebrate that which you are.