Highly Recommended Life Changing Experience

My life changed from the first time I met Dr. Antony Young in a workshop. I was there on the recommendation of a friend and so I was expectant but on the other hand I didn’t truly believe I could change. I found myself automatically smiling, feeling happy and confident, like I could do anything and I was receiving such support through the whole process. Why wouldn’t I be confident? The change happened over time and each time I couldn’t wait to get back to a workshop to get that feeling that I was evolving into my best me, the me somehow I knew was within me. I now live the Quantum Magic in my life and I have to pinch myself sometimes to make sure it is not just a dream. For example I went for a job of my dreams, albiete nervously, and came out of the interview with a management job just on spec. Yes I got a higher job than I even applied for…I am engaged to be married to my Prince Charming, I…….. I cannot recommend Dr. Antony Young more highly. Trish Peters.

About the author.


Dr. Antony Young even since childhood has had an insatiable desire to connect to his true self. Those senses that he had even as a child and through life has been a focus of his passion. He won international acclaim for his work and he continues to help people connect to their truth with his proven tools and techniques. 

Dr. Antony Young uses his story telling style to engage and make dramatic life changes to people’s lives.

Antony Young